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Sell everyday sku’s, overstock inventory, dead inventory or scratch-and-dent items on 3rd party channels including Amazon, Ebay, Jet, Walmart and many more with just the click of a button.

No Updates Required

Our API allows you to use your current ERP system. No ERP system? No problem, use Rocket Cloud’s dashboard!

Easy Sync

Syncs and adjusts inventory in real time on all 3rd party channels.

Dynamic Repricing

Pricing should never remain stagnant and re-pricing allows you to be competitive within each listing at any given time of the day.

Built-in Accounting

Real-Time Profit & Loss, export reports easily to assess your traction and activity.

Pricing Structure

We set strategic floor prices for all products and have our re-pricer find the optimum margin per marketplace.

New Product Discovery

We identify winning SKUs that have volume and profitability over the long-term.

Rocket Cloud Dashboard

One dashboard so you can see freight and marketplace auditing, data aggregation, pricing, and much more.

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Rocket Cloud is in the process of empowering a $100 billion dollar Industrial Wholesaler Supply Chain by providing innovative software solutions to an outdated and legacy-based software ecosystem. The empowerment starts with e-commerce and connecting our wholesaler clients to 3rd party ecommerce channels for the first time in history.

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